Monday, 7 December 2020

Ho! Ho! Ho! Daddy's Christmas Beard- Susanna Hill's Holiday Treat Contest Entry 2

 And because I'm just love the festive season and writing fun, festive stories, here is my second entry:

Daddy’s Christmas Beard

My dad has chose to grow a beard,

Don’t you think that’s really weird?

Prickly, scratchy hedgehog stubble...

It’s caused a heap of awful trouble.

For one, it’s scratchy, sharp and rough.

Two, he looks a frightful scruff.

Three, he’s got a cream moustache,

And four, just look! There’s blobs of mash!

It’s pretty grim but that’s not all,

for when December comes to call...

Dad’s sprays his beard silver grey

to look like Santa in his sleigh,

My friends all laugh and point and shout,

I need someone to help me out.

And so I write, “If I behave…

Santa, give my dad a shave!”

S.C writes back, “Ah, no can do.

Beards are fine, I have one too!”

And so my wish goes up in smoke,

This bushy beard’s a Christmas JOKE!


whilst flying past a chimney spire,

It’s Santa’s beard that catches fire…

He rushes round, “Can I enquire...

is your father’s beard for hire?”

I gape at Santa’s beardy mess,

My Dad can help by saying ‘YES!’

He does-so Santa makes our day,

You are so kind...

jump in my sleigh!”

I can’t believe it – off we fly,

we soar across the starry sky,

whizzing down each tall chimney,

to leave wrapped presents by the tree.

The greatest time I’ve ever had,

comes from this beard I thought was bad,

So dad can keep his grey haystack…

but Santa never gives it back!


  1. Cute and fun! I love how the narrator has a change of heart about the beard.

  2. A very hairy story and a very clever story too :)

  3. So clever, and with some wonderful kid-friendly humor throughout. Well done!


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